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Our Solar System is home to eight incredible planets. Some are rocky and small; others are wide and gassy. Some are so hot that the metals on the surface melt. Others are cold-freezing.

In the cosmos, new planets are continuously being discovered. Planets are labeled constantly. Typically, planet names have some features, some are named after the discoverer, some are named after the planet's features, and some are named after the occurrence.

Spherical bodies orbiting a star are planets. Thanks to their gravitational force, they have ample mass to have purged their orbits of all larger and smaller boulders. Dwarf planets are spherical and orbit a star as well, but they have small masses and are also so feeble in gravity that they are unable to trap bigger boulders near them.

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Grave Assailant
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Grave Assailant
Grave Assailant

How did the planets get their names?

All the planets were named after Greek and Roman gods and goddesses, except for the Earth. Thousands of years ago, their names were given to Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Venus, and Mercury. Since telescopes were invented, the other planets were not discovered until much later. For the other identified planets, the practice of naming the planets after Greek and Roman gods and goddesses was also followed. Mercury got the name from the Roman God of Travel, Venus got the name from Roman Goddess of love and beauty, Mars got the name from Roman god of War, Jupiter got the name from King of Roman, Saturn after Roman god of agriculture, Uranus after Greek king of god, Neptune after Roman god of the sea, while Pluto which now Dwarf Planet was named after Roman god of the underworld. While our planet Earth was named after English/ German name which means ground.

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To quickly understand day-to-day activities, our name generator is even more than an online contraption. We've amassed the most used generators online. We find you a range of fun and exciting games that you can use and get catchy views out of it. Our Planet Name Generator is a free cost online tool that includes a letter, characters, and numerically based out of algorithms.

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  • Using alliteration or rhythmic pronunciation
  • Keep it short and simple
  • Try using words that are not out of context
  • Focus on words with a beautiful meaning

Mistakes to avoid while generating Planet Name

Avoid Poor Word Combos when your decided name is already implemented.

Just an example: Peter names his company Space Invention for instance, and figures out it's already stolen. He tries to opt for similar-sounding names like Space Novation, Spaceovention, and Space X Invention because he's already determined this is what he'll call his business.

As they are not catchy, readily pronounceable, or unforgettable, you can see how these concepts are a step backward. Better use Vowel/Consonant/Vowel letter patterns as these word forms are usually brief, catchy, and quick to say and recall.

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