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Would you be able to feel the Force? Would you like to fight evil in a system far, far away? It is safe to say that you are in favour of light, or do you look great in dark? Whichever side you pick, it's an ideal opportunity to lock in and grasp your definitive fate with the Star Wars Name Generator!

George Lucas named the characters in the first Star Wars set of three by controlling ceaselessly from science anecdotal words and rather attempting to make ones that sounded indigenous and had a feeling of some sort of culture. Darth Vader's name has its foundations in Dutch (signifying 'Dim Father'), while different names took advantage of folklore – the name 'Anakin' was created from a race of monsters referenced in the Bible book of Genesis, while 'Skywalker' is an expression regularly used to portray Loki in Norse folklore, and 'Luke' signifies 'light' in Greek, and has direct associations with the Christian holy person.

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The name Chewbacca was roused by Lucas' canine Indiana, while the Wookie race was named after a promotion libbed line from Lucas' first film THX-1138. Boba Fett was planned as a kind of perspective to Bob Falfa, the hot rod played by Harrison Ford in Lucas' second film American Graffiti, while that film additionally gave motivation for gallant robot R2-D2, when the film's sound editorial manager utilized shorthand to allude to 'Reel Two, Dialog Two" during the after creation measure.

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